Performance upgrades

Monster Automotive offers petrol and diesel performance upgrades for most vehicles on the market. This includes:

Turbo performance upgrades

Engine overhauls

Downpipe fitment

Larger diameter catalyst-back exhaust

High-performance shocks

Stainless-steel braided brake lines

Vehicle performance upgrades refer to the modification of a car’s performance. Performance upgrades involve enhancing the engine’s power output, torque, responsiveness, fuel efficiency, and handling.

There are different ways to do performance upgrades, and various parts can be upgraded for performance enhancement. However, the first step is deciding what exactly you want to upgrade – a consideration that shouldn’t be taken lightly as performance upgrades may significantly change your vehicle’s characteristics.

Airflow sensor

A mass airflow sensor (MAF) is an electronic fuel injection part installed between the air filter and the engine’s intake manifold to determine the mass flow rate of air entering a fuel-injected engine.

Air intake

Often the first part opted for during performance upgrades is a cold air intake since it’s not as costly as other components. The air intake reduces the temperature of the incoming air and reduces restrictions in the airflow path, contributing to an increase in power.


A camshaft regulates the accurately timed injection of fuel as required by an internal combustion engine. Performance camshafts have increased and faster valve lift rate.

Cylinder heads

The cylinder or engine heads are a key focus area in vehicle enhancement, as they will potentially yield the most significant increase in power.

Exhaust system

A high-performance exhaust system has a direct effect on engine performance and engine power.

Fuel Injectors

Before changing your car’s fuel injectors as part of performance upgrades, consider the pulse duration of the injectors and the duty cycle.

Fuel pump

Some vehicle owners invest in better fuel pumps during their performance upgrades to supply fuel and fuel pressure to the fuel rail and the injectors.

Ignition system

The ignition system is one of the most overlooked systems after a vehicle performance upgrade. A spark from the stock ignition system that is too weak to ignite effectively can have a negative effect on engine power.


A supercharger is an air pump that forces air into the engine.


In performance upgrades, the suspension doesn’t relate so much to tweaking your car’s power output but rather its handling.

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